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Are you struggling to improve your website’s online visibility, traffic, and search engine rankings?  SEO Expert Musah – your trusted freelance SEO consultant, expert, and service provider is here for the work.

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I offer a wide range of organic SEO services, including local SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, SEO audit, SEO strategy, link building, content marketing, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Bing Webmaster Tools, WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO, e-commerce SEO, mobile SEO, voice search optimization, video SEO, image SEO, schema markup, rich snippets, SERP features, and more.

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But why choose SEO Expert Musah over other SEO agencies or freelance SEO services? 

Personalized Approach: I provide personalized attention to each client, ensuring that their SEO strategy is tailored to their business goals and needs.

Proven Track Record: With years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of improving website traffic and search engine rankings for my clients.

Strong Analytical and Technical Skills: I have strong analytical and technical skills, allowing me to conduct in-depth research and analysis to identify the best SEO strategies for each client.

Affordable and Transparent: My SEO services are affordable and transparent, with flexible pricing options and transparent reporting and communication with my clients.

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Furthermore, I am an expert in white hat SEO, which means I use only honest and proven methods to boost a company’s search engine rankings. Furthermore, I provide SEO training and reporting services, which aid firms in comprehending and analyzing their website’s performance and growth in search engine rankings.

SEO Professional Musah can assist you in reaching your objectives on the web, whether you run a small business, startup, blog, or online store.

 Contact me today to learn more about my freelance SEO services and how I can help your business grow.

SEO Expert Musah – Your Trusted Freelance SEO Consultant and Service Provider.

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As a freelance SEO expert with years of expertise, I provide comprehensive solutions to boost visibility and engagement for businesses of all sizes. See the following table for a summary of my areas of expertise and available services.

Organic SEOKeyword research, on-page optimization, content creation
Local SEOGoogle My Business optimization, local directory listings
On-page SEOTitle tags, meta descriptions, header tags, content
Off-page SEOLink building, guest posting, social media marketing
Technical SEOSite structure, mobile optimization, site speed
Keyword researchIdentifying target keywords, analyzing search trends
SEO auditComprehensive website analysis, identifying areas for improvement
SEO strategyCustomized SEO plans tailored to each client’s unique needs
Link buildingHigh-quality link building, white hat techniques
Content marketingCreating high-quality, SEO-friendly content
Social media marketingBuilding brand awareness and engagement through social media
Google AnalyticsWebsite traffic analysis and reporting
Google Search ConsoleMonitoring website performance and identifying issues
Google My BusinessOptimizing local business listings
Bing Webmaster ToolsMonitoring website performance on Bing search engine
WordPress SEOOptimizing WordPress websites for search engines
Shopify SEOOptimizing Shopify e-commerce websites for search engines
E-commerce SEOOptimizing e-commerce websites for search engines
Mobile SEOOptimizing websites for mobile devices
Voice search optimizationOptimizing websites for voice search technology
Video SEOOptimizing videos for search engines
Image SEOOptimizing images for search engines
Schema markupImplementing structured data to improve website visibility
Rich snippetsEnhancing search engine results with rich snippets
SERP featuresOptimizing websites to appear in Google SERP features
Search engine rankingImproving website ranking on search engine result pages
SEO analysisAnalyzing website performance and identifying areas for improvement
SEO optimizationImplementing effective SEO strategies to improve website visibility
SEO copywritingCreating high-quality, SEO-friendly content for websites
SEO-friendly contentCreating content that is optimized for search engines
SEO trainingProviding training and guidance on effective SEO strategies
SEO reportingRegular reporting on website performance and ROI
SEO toolsUtilizing the latest SEO tools and technologies
SEO agencyProviding customized SEO services to meet client needs
Affordable SEO servicesProviding cost-effective SEO services for businesses of all sizes
Professional SEO servicesProviding high-quality, professional SEO services
Best SEO servicesProviding effective and results-driven SEO services
SEO for small businessProviding customized SEO services for small businesses
SEO for startupsProviding customized SEO services for startups
SEO for bloggersProviding customized SEO services for bloggers
SEO for e-commerceProviding customized SEO services for e-commerce websites
SEO for local businessesProviding customized SEO services for local businesses
SEO for international businessesProviding customized SEO services for international businesses
White hat SEOUsing ethical and effective SEO techniques
Black hat SEOAvoiding unethical SEO practices that could harm website visibility

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You can see that, as your SEO Freelancer, I bring a wide variety of expertise and experience to the table.

If you need help with organic search engine optimization, local search engine optimization, or e-commerce optimization, I can help.

With my help, you can:

  • Drive more targeted traffic to your website
  • Increase your online visibility and brand awareness
  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Build a stronger online reputation
  • Stay ahead of the competition

So why choose me over other SEO Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork? While those platforms can be a great way to find affordable SEO services, they often come with certain limitations. For example:

  • You may have to sift through a lot of low-quality or spammy SEO services to find the right one
  • You may not have direct access to the freelancer, which can lead to miscommunication and delays
  • You may not be able to get the same level of expertise and customization as you would from a dedicated SEO freelancer

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When you engage with me, you gain access to my years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to providing specialized, high-quality SEO services that are catered to your particular needs and objectives.

Are you prepared to advance your SEO efforts? Let’s get going! To learn more about my SEO Freelance services and how I can assist you in achieving your online marketing objectives, get in touch with me right away.


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301 vs 302 redirects

301 VS 302 Redirects

A 301 redirect and a 302 redirect are both HTTP status codes that are used to redirect users and search engine crawlers from one URL to another.


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Broken Links. What are they

Broken links are hyperlinks on a website that points to a web page, image, file, or another resource that is no longer available on the server. 


Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting products, services, or brands using digital technologies, such as the internet, mobile devices, social media, SEO s, and other digital channels.


google ranking factors

Google Ranking Factors

Google uses a complex algorithm to rank websites in its search results, and the exact details of this algorithm are not made public.




Hreflang is an HTML attribute used to indicate to search engines which language and geographic targeting are intended for a particular webpage.


Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to identical or very similar content that appears on different web pages, either on the same website or across different domains.


Optimizing a page’s content and HTML source code for search engines is known as on-page SEO. All of the page’s elements, including text, headings, meta descriptions, and images, must be optimized for this to work. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the techniques used apart from the actual site itself to improve its search engine rankings. External factors that affect a site’s authority and trustworthiness include link development, social media marketing, and similar strategies.


Answer: Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialization of SEO that targets increasing a site’s visibility in local queries. This involves doing things like optimizing the website for specific regional keywords, creating local citations, and putting up a Google My Business page. Local search engine optimization is very important for businesses that rely on local customers, such restaurants, barbershops, and other small shops.


To improve a site’s performance and rankings in search engine results, technical SEO optimizes the site’s underlying infrastructure. This includes improving the site’s speed, architecture, and usability so that search engines can better understand what content they’re presenting, as well as enhancing the site’s crawlability and indexability and fixing any technological issues that could hinder the site’s discoverability.


A: The process of identifying and examining the search terms that people use to find information online is known as keyword research. It is a crucial part of SEO because it aids in finding the most pertinent and popular keywords to target, increasing the site’s traffic and visibility.


Link building is the practice of acquiring high-quality, relevant inbound links to a website. The importance of backlinks cannot be overstated, as they signal to search engines that the material on a website is trustworthy and useful. Link building must be done ethically and in accordance with search engine standards to avoid negative effects.


A successful SEO campaign can be evaluated in a number of ways, such as the volume of organic traffic, the positions of targeted keywords, the percentage of visitors who convert, and engagement metrics such as the percentage of visitors who stay on the site, the average time spent on the site, and the number of pages viewed per session. Establishing quantifiable objectives and key performance indicators is essential for measuring the campaign’s success. Search engine optimization (SEO) audits and studies should be conducted on a regular basis to help identify development and optimization opportunities.

How quickly you see results from search engine optimization (SEO) may depend on a variety of factors, such as the current state of the website, the degree of competition, and the intricacy of the optimization technique. Improving search engine rankings and website traffic often takes months. Remember that search engine optimization is an ongoing activity, and that in highly competitive markets or for particularly difficult keywords, results may take longer to appear.


Avoid keyword stuffing, using irrelevant keywords, ignoring user experience, not optimizing for mobile, using duplicate content, and not keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes while you execute SEO. Keep in mind that search engine optimization is an ongoing activity that calls for tweaks and adjustments as search engine guidelines evolve. As an experienced SEO freelancer, I can help you avoid these common mistakes and develop a solid SEO strategy that will yield long-term advantages.


Website traffic, conversion rates, keyword rankings, and backlink profiles are just some of the metrics that may be used to evaluate the success of your search engine optimization campaign. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush can be used to monitor these metrics and assess the efficacy of your SEO campaign. As an SEO expert, I can provide in-depth reports and analysis of your SEO campaign’s progress and make recommendations to improve its effectiveness.


The answer is no, SEO success does not happen overnight. Perseverance, consistency, and dedication are required for long-term SEO success. It requires time to build a solid online presence and earn the trust of visitors and search engines. While certain SEO techniques may produce quick wins, they are often short-lived and might do irreversible damage to your website’s reputation or result in fines. Being a competent SEO freelancer, I place a premium on providing my clients with ethical and long-term SEO methods.


Focusing on developing high-quality content that gives value to your audience and promoting your material to gain backlinks naturally over time will help you build backlinks to your website without attracting the ire of search engines. If you want to avoid getting penalized by search engines, you shouldn’t engage in manipulative practices like buying links or taking part in link schemes. Keep an eye on your backlink profile and disavow any spammy or low-quality links that may be hurting your search engine rankings.


I am unable to promise that your website will rank well. Circumstances out of my control like search engine algorithms changes, extreme competition, and unethical marketer can all affect your search engine rankings. Instead of just chasing rankings, I’d like to help you with a thorough SEO plan. This can increase the credibility, visibility, and conversions that are necessary to make your website a success.


A: My dedication to provide individualized and result-driven SEO services that are targeted to each client’s specific needs and objectives sets me apart from other freelance SEO consultants. I take a holistic approach to SEO that includes both technical and artistic components and have vast experience in a variety of businesses and areas. Also, I place a high value on clear communication, openness, and ethical SEO techniques. I also work closely with my clients to make sure they comprehend the methods and tactics I use. My objective is to help my clients to experience sustained growth and success online, in addition to offering SEO services.


Although SEO is SEO Expert Musah’s core area of expertise, he is also well-versed in web design and development. Musah can make suggestions to enhance your website’s performance and search engine rankings by enhancing its structure, user experience, and mobile friendliness.


Answer: SEO Expert Musah monitors KPIs that are in line with your business’s aims and objectives to gauge the success of his SEO efforts. Website visits, search engine rankings, organic search traffic, conversion rates, and revenue from organic search are all possible metrics to track as key performance indicators. Musah keeps you abreast of how things are going with your website and your business thanks to the regular reports and updates he gives.


  1. Initial consultation to discuss your business goals and objectives
  2. SEO audit to assess your website’s current status and identify areas for improvement
  3. Keyword research and strategy development
  4. On-page optimization and content creation
  5. Link building and off-page optimization
  6. Ongoing monitoring, tracking, and reporting

Throughout the process, Musah maintains regular communication with you to ensure that his SEO strategies are aligned with your business goals and that you are fully informed about your website’s SEO performance.


Finding relevant websites and influencers in your niche is the first step in a successful outreach strategy for link building, followed by the creation of a captivating outreach email that highlights the value of your content or website. Instead of just asking for a link, it’s better to focus on developing connections and adding value for the websites and influencers you’re reaching out to.