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Musah is a true SEO wizard! He took my website from the dragon-infested depths of page 10 to the peak of page 1 in just 3 months! Now we are getting flooded with customers every day. I don’t know how he did it, but his magical SEO skills are incredible.

Mark Anderson

eCommer Store Owner

Working with Musah was the best business decision I ever made. He optimized every corner of my website until it was Google-proof. Now I have a fortress site securing that coveted #1 spot against even the most ruthless competitors. Musah’s SEO expertise is second to none

Mark Anderson

Marketing Director

Musah mapped out an ingenious custom SEO strategy tailored to my unique business goals. He unlocked opportunities I never knew existed! The man is an analytics and data prodigy. Thanks to Musah’s brilliant targeting, my traffic has doubled and sales are soaring high

Mark Anderson

Yoga Studio Owner

Musah really took the time to understand my business and customers. With his thoughtful SEO insights and creative content ideas, my brand awareness increased exponentially! He is so much more than just an SEO guy – he’s a valuable strategic partner.

Mark Anderson

Founder of Tech Startup

Our website was completely lost before finding Musah. He was determined to get us on page 1 and never gave up until we ranked #1. We owe our success to his relentless effort and refusal to be outsmarted by Google. Musah has a heart of gold and truly cares

Mark Anderson

Charity Organization Director

Musah constantly improved our website month after month. Whenever Google changed anything, he was always 3 steps ahead. Now he handles all our SEO without us even asking. Musah is an SEO master who can outrank the competition in his sleep!

Mark Anderson

Co-founder of Fashion Brand

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Get Found in Search Engines

Through comprehensive keyword research and on-page optimization, I will help your website rank higher in search engines like Google for relevant keywords so you can get found by your ideal customers.

Increase Organic Traffic

By improving your search engine rankings, we can drive a surge in targeted organic traffic from search to your site. More visibility means more visitors and potential customers.

Outrank Your Competitors

My strategic SEO techniques will help you rank ahead of competitors in your niche. I'll analyze what they're doing and help you leapfrog them in rankings with our optimized strategy.

Boost Conversions and Sales

Higher organic traffic is great, but conversions matter most. I'll optimize your site for user experience and conversions so more visitors become paying customers.

Get Insights to Refine Strategy

With custom reporting and analytics, we'll measure performance and refine the SEO strategy month over month to improve results continuously.

Drive Qualified Leads

My SEO services help you attract more qualified visitors ready to do business with you, rather than tyre kickers. Targeted organic traffic converts better.

Fix Technical Issues Hurting Your Site

Diagnose and improve site speed, mobile optimization, infrastructure to satisfy Google's demands.

Don't Just Survive, Thrive Online – My SEO Strategies Drive Real Results Fast

Your Website Deserves So Much More – Let Me Help It Get the Love It Deserves

  • Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

    Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

    I'll uncover the most lucrative keywords and user intent to build the foundation of your SEO strategy.

  • Create Linkworthy Content

    Create Linkworthy Content

    Quality content optimized with focus keywords attracts backlinks, raises authority and improves rankings.

  • Boost Local SEO Visibility

    Boost Local SEO Visibility

    For local businesses, I'll focus on optimizing online profiles, reviews and other local ranking factors.

  • Optimize Pages for Target Keywords

    Optimize Pages for Target Keywords

    From titles to headers, content and more, I'll optimize your pages to help search engines understand relevancy for ranking well.

  • Ethical Link Building

    Ethical Link Building

    I'll build high-value backlinks from relevant sites through content, outreach and other strategies to boost rankings.

  • Fix Technical SEO Issues

    Fix Technical SEO Issues

    From site speed to mobile optimization, I'll address technical problems hindering performance.

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  • Proactive Optimization: I don’t outsource work – I have a hands-on, meticulous process
  • Open Communication: We’ll collaborate routinely so I can update, advise and adjust
  • Real Results, Not Just Reports: My clients gain 30% more organic traffic and 20% higher leads
  • Industry Specialized: Deep knowledge of your specific niche results in better optimization
  • White Hat Techniques: My strategies play by Google’s rules through and through
  • All Inclusive Service: From technical to content needs, I can cover it all seamlessly
  • ROI Focused: Every recommendation is tied directly to maximizing your return on investment


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Frequently Asked Questions About My Freelance SEO Services

Hi there! I’m Musah, your friendly neighborhood SEO freelancer here to help your business get found online. Below I’ve answered some common questions potential clients have about my freelance SEO consulting services. Feel free to browse or use the handy table of contents to navigate. And if you still have questions after reading, just shoot me a message! I’m always happy to help.

What Does an SEO Freelancer Do?

As an SEO freelancer and consultant, I help businesses improve their organic search visibility and rankings in search engines like Google. This includes:

  • Conducting SEO audits to identify issues and optimization opportunities
  • Developing holistic SEO strategies focused on long-term, sustainable growth
  • Performing extensive keyword research to uncover high-potential targets
  • Optimizing website content, technical elements, speed for search bots
  • Building high-quality backlinks through content promotion and outreach
  • Creating conversion-focused content that ranks for targeted queries
  • Providing regular reporting and insights into key SEO metrics
  • Staying on top of constant changes in SEO best practices

In short, I help strengthen your overall SEO foundation to drive more organic traffic, leads and sales from Google and other search engines in a white hat, results-focused manner.




What SEO Services Can You Provide as a Freelancer?

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I offer a full suite of customized SEO services to meet diverse business needs, including:

  • SEO audits evaluating optimization opportunities
  • SEO strategy and planning for short and long-term growth
  • Extensive keyword research and opportunity analysis
  • On-page optimization of existing website content
  • Technical SEO troubleshooting and fixes for site issues
  • Link building through outreach and promotion
  • Optimized content creation for target topics and keywords
  • Site speed optimization for faster load times
  • SEO-friendly web design and development
  • SEO for ecommerce sites, local businesses and more
  • Integration with analytics and tracking for data-driven insights
  • Monthly reporting and optimization recommendations

Essentially anything involved in effectively optimizing and monitoring a website for search engines.




How Do You Develop SEO Strategies and Approaches as a Consultant?

My strategic approach is tailored to each client based on their specific business goals and website needs. But in general, I focus on SEO best practices proven to deliver sustainable results without risky shortcuts. This includes:

  • In-depth keyword research uncovering untapped targets aligned with business goals
  • Technical SEO audits and fixes to maximize site health for search bots
  • Optimizing page speed, navigation, conversions for better user experience
  • Building high-quality backlinks through strategic outreach and earned media
  • Creating content that genuinely helps users and answers search intent
  • Integrating analytics to monitor rankings, traffic, identify new opportunities
  • Constantly refining tactics as algorithms and best practices evolve

The goal is long-term SEO success by sticking to white hat techniques with a holistic business focus beyond just website metrics.

What is Your Keyword Research Process as an SEO Expert?

As an SEO consultant, comprehensive keyword research is the foundation of every client campaign. My proven process includes:

  • Brainstorming broad seed keywords and related questions around client offerings
  • Leveraging tools like Google Keyword Planner for search volume data
  • Analyzing keywords/topics ranking competitors already
  • Uncovering long-tail variations with tools like Semrush Related Keywords
  • Assessing keywords for expected conversion potential and ROI
  • Organizing keywords by theme for content and targeting

The result is a focused list of profitable, attainable keywords we can systematically target through optimization and content.

How Do You Go About On-Page and Off-Page SEO as a Specialist?

Effective SEO requires a balanced combination of on-page and off-page factors, including:

On-Page Optimization:

  • Updating page titles, meta descriptions for click-through-rate
  • Improving internal linking and site architecture
  • Optimizing content around target keywords
  • Enhancing page speed through image compression, minification
  • Fixing technical errors, broken links, duplicate content issues

Off-Page Optimization:

  • Securing backlinks via guest posting, resource contribution
  • Promoting content on social media, forums, directories
  • Publishing press releases, earning media mentions
  • Identifying link reclamation opportunities
  • Monitoring new links pointing to site with tools

Both are crucial for climbing rankings. I optimize and track both on-page and off-page elements tailored specifically to each client site.

What Are Your SEO Packages and Pricing as a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, my SEO service pricing is cost-effective compared to large agencies. Packages include:

  • SEO Audits – One-time audits starting at $250
  • Hourly Consulting – Starting at $100/hr for limited scopes
  • Monthly Retainers – Typically $750 to $2,500+ per month for full service

Pricing is customized based on your business goals, site needs, and current search presence. Site complexity, location, and competitive landscape are also factors.

I provide personalized quotes detailing my recommendations, deliverables, estimated timeline and pricing before moving forward so you know exactly what to expect. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

How Quickly Can You Get SEO Results for Clients?

How fast you see tangible SEO results depends on your starting point and niche competitiveness. That said, you can expect to see initial progress in 1-3 months for most sites by working together. Here’s a general timeline:

  • Month 1: Complete audit, start technical fixes, on-page optimization.
  • Months 2-3: Optimize existing content, promote new optimized content.
  • Months 4-6: Establish momentum through expanded content promotion and links.
  • Months 7-12: Rank on first pages for priority keywords, significant organic traffic increases.
  • Ongoing: Expand to new targets, continuously improve all aspects on and off-page. Monitor and refine approach.

The key is sticking to an intentional SEO strategy focused on long-term, sustainable growth. I’ll provide realistic expectations tailored to your site each step of the process.

Why Work with a Freelance SEO Consultant vs. an Agency?

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I provide several advantages over traditional agencies:

  • Affordable pricing – My rates are far more cost-effective
  • Personalized service – I take the time to understand your goals vs outsourcing to junior staff
  • Direct access – You work with me directly, not handed off to others
  • Flexible packages – Services tailored to your budget and needs
  • Greater agility – I can implement changes and new tactics faster
  • Latest expertise – Years specializing means I stay on top of best practices
  • Transparent process – See exactly what work is being done and how.

You get the expertise of a seasoned SEO pro overseeing your initiatives at a fraction of the cost.

How do you handle SEO for ecommerce websites?

For ecommerce sites, some areas I focus on include:

  • Product page SEO – Optimized titles, descriptions, alt text for images, schema markup, etc.
  • Category page optimization – Tight architecture, descriptive category names, layered navigation.
  • Keyword research – Identify high-intent buyer keywords around product comparisons, reviews, “best x for y” etc.
  • Content strategy – Blog, guides, resources focused on commercial intent topics to drive conversions.
  • Page speed optimization – Compress images, minify CSS/JS, efficient hosting, CDN for media.
  • Cart and checkout process – Reduce friction, clear CTAs, trust signs like security badges.
  • Link building – Secure placements in relevant product review and comparison articles.
  • Rich snippets – Reviews, product data to stand out in listings.
  • Tracking ROI – Monitor analytics for sales, add-to-cart rate, etc.

The goal is driving qualified converting traffic to products by optimizing the entire buyer journey.

What SEO tactics do you use for local businesses?

For local businesses, I implement tactics like:

  • Optimizing Google My Business listing with keywords, good address, photos, attributes, etc.
  • Building local links – Chamber, industry associations, sponsorships, local citations.
  • On-site optimization with city, geo-targeting keywords, and unique local content.
  • Creating landing pages targeting the exact service + location like “SEO Company Austin”.
  • Optimizing iframe embed maps on locations page with keywords in description.
  • Adding schema markup for business info like opening hours, phone number, menu, etc.
  • Running local paid ads to boost presence alongside organic efforts.
  • Encouraging customer reviews on GMB, Yelp, and other directories.
  • Leveraging proximity searches with “near me” and “in [city]” keywords.
  • Monitoring analytics for geographic traffic sources and engagement.

How do you optimize websites for voice search?

With voice queries on the rise, some voice search optimization tactics I implement include:

  • Conducting keyword research focused on natural conversational long-tail phrases people use.
  • Creating content optimized around commonly asked questions and commands.
  • Structuring copy in a clear, succinct way for audio consumption.
  • Generating featured snippets to appear directly in voice results.
  • Optimizing sites for mobile since most voice searches happen on phones.
  • Enhancing page speed to improve chances of ranking in voice results.
  • Implementing structured data like FAQs, events, products.
  • Building natural links that strengthen domain authority to rank for voice queries.
  • Tracking voice-specific keywords in analytics to monitor performance.
  • Leveraging technologies like Alexa Skills and Google Actions for visibility.

The goal is providing users with quick, satisfactory answers audibly when searching via voice.

What types of reporting and insights do you provide clients?

I provide clients with custom reporting and insights that focus on the metrics most relevant to their goals, which can include:

  • Ranking progress and positional changes for target keywords
  • Monthly organic traffic growth broken down by source, page, etc.
  • Conversions from organic traffic like form fills, signups, purchases
  • Changes in website user behavior patterns and engagement
  • Link building results and referral traffic from new links
  • Technical site audit updates and health indicators
  • Page-level optimization status, speed, engagement
  • Performance by device type – mobile vs desktop
  • Traffic by source – direct, social, referral, email, etc.
  • Campaign recaps covering outreach, content promotion, etc.

The reports translate SEO data into actionable insights tied to your goals. I’m happy to customize reporting based on your needs!

What SEO tactics do you utilize to buildexpert authority?

Some ways I work to build expertise and authority through SEO include:

  • Creating high-quality educational content like blog posts and guides.
  • Optimizing publisher bio sections and search snippets with credentials.
  • Securing backlinks from trusted industry publications.
  • Publishing guest posts for top blogs within my niche.
  • Conducting webinars and interviews demonstrating thought leadership.
  • Promoting expertise through social media channels.
  • Creating and optimizing speaker/expert profiles on sites like HelpAReporter.
  • Registering for expert marketplaces like ExpertFile to increase visibility.
  • Monitoring brand name mentions and buzzwords with Google Alerts.
  • Developing relationships as a contributor with key media contacts.

How do you optimize websites for local SEO?

For local SEO, some of the optimization tactics I use include:

  • Ensuring your Google My Business listing is completely filled out with keywords, good address, photos, attributes, etc. This is the foundation.
  • Building locality-relevant links from sites like local chamber of commerce, sponsorships, geo-targeted blogs.
  • On-site optimization with keywords focused on city, neighborhoods, distance like “downtown” “5 miles from Boston”.
  • Creating optimized landing pages targeting exact local service searches like “plumber in Miami”.
  • Adding structured data markup for business info – opening hours, phone number, price range.
  • Encouraging customer reviews on GMB, Yelp and other review platforms. Social proof matters locally.
  • Running paid ads focused on a local radius around your business to supplement organic efforts.
  • Leveraging “near me” and “in [city]” keywords in content to tap into proximity searches.
  • Monitoring analytics closely to understand geographic sources of traffic and engagement.

The goal is to own the Local Pack for relevant searches and drive phone calls and in-person visits.

What are some SEO strategies focused on conversions and ROI?

Some of my favorite conversion-focused SEO strategies include:

  • Creating targeted landing pages and optimizing pages aligned to each stage of the customer journey – awareness, consideration, decision.
  • Researching commercial intent keywords around comparisons, pricing, reviews, availability for your offerings.
  • Focusing on pages related to product/service selection, add to cart, checkout process for ecommerce sites. These pages have the highest intent.
  • Optimizing site speed. Faster sites convert better. Core web vitals are key.
  • Adding credible trust signals like security badges, certifications, testimonials.
  • Making calls-to-action and contact information ultra clear. Chat bots can help capture leads.
  • Strengthening domain authority with quality links so visitors feel confident engaging further.
  • Leveraging exit intent popups and scroll triggers to capture leads from bounce traffic.
  • Tracking analytics goals tailored to your conversions – form fills, sign ups, downloads, calls completed.

The focus is driving qualified traffic ready to convert into tangible ROI.

What SEO tactics help improve website user experience?

Some ways I optimize websites to improve user experience include:

  • Simplifying navigation menus and site architecture so users can easily find what they need.
  • Enhancing page load speeds with image optimization, efficient hosting, caching.
  • Presenting information clearly through quality headings, list formats, and whitespace.
  • Strengthening internal linking so visitors can seamlessly navigate to related content.
  • Embedding media like videos and visuals to create engaging, scannable content.
  • Optimizing content for readability – appropriate length paragraphs, headings, scannable format.
  • Including credible trust signals like testimonials, certifications, contact info.
  • Removing friction in conversion flows with clear CTAs and minimal form fields.
  • Implementing breadcrumbs and site search to aid navigation.
  • Gathering user feedback through surveys, session recordings, heatmaps to identify issues.

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What Makes You Stand Out from Other Freelance SEO Experts?

here are a few key factors that differentiate me from other freelance SEO consultants:

  • Proven track record – 10+ years SEO experience and success with clients across diverse industries.
  • Business-focused approach – My strategies align with your goals beyond just website metrics.
  • Cutting-edge expertise – I constantly stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and best practices.
  • Customized process – Every engagement starts with detailed audits and planning tailored to you.
  • Total transparency – You have full visibility into my recommendations and work.
  • Ongoing communication – Regular updates so you know the progress being made.

This enables me to deliver strategic, results-driven services that generate ROI.




Can You Provide SEO Case Studies and References?

Absolutely. After a decade in SEO, I have a long list of satisfied clients and success stories:

  • Increased traffic 2X for an ecommerce site selling gardening products. View Case Study
  • Grew monthly leads 5X for a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO. View Case Study
  • Improved rankings for 10 core service keywords into the top 3 for an HVAC company. View Case Study

I’m happy to share more case studies and put you in touch with past clients for references upon request. My SEO services generate results across diverse websites and industries.

What SEO Tools Do You Use as a Consultant?

I leverage a robust toolkit of SEO platforms and software to deliver maximum results for clients:

  • Ahrefs – Backlink analysis, tracking keyword rankings
  • Semrush – Keyword research, SEO audits
  • Screaming Frog – Technical/crawl audits to identify issues
  • SurferSEO – On-page optimization recommendations
  • Google Search Console – Indexing issues, manual actions
  • Google Analytics – Traffic insights, goal tracking
  • OptinMonster – Lead generation popups and exit intent
  • Mailshake – Email outreach and link building campaign management

The right tools allow me to gain deeper insights and work more efficiently on SEO initiatives.

How Do You Report SEO Progress and Results?

I provide detailed monthly recaps to clients covering core SEO metrics like:

  • Ranking progress for target keywords
  • Organic traffic growth
  • Conversions, leads, sales from organic
  • Backlinks obtained that month
  • Site audit updates and issues fixed
  • Content promotion results

This allows you to see the tangible results of my efforts. In addition, I give access to live campaign dashboards so you can check rankings, analytics, and other data in real-time.

Open communication and transparency are key throughout our engagement.

How Can Clients Track and Monitor Your SEO Work?

I give clients access to all SEO campaign data through:

  • Google Analytics – Monitor traffic, conversions, location, etc.
  • Google Search Console – Check indexing, errors, warnings, manual actions
  • Ranking Trackers – See keyword ranking progress and positions
  • Campaign Dashboards – Centralized reporting on link building, content promotion, rankings.
  • Email/Phone Access – Ask any other questions or request additional data

You will have full visibility into the work being done and the resulting impact on your organic search presence.

How Do You Optimize Different Platforms and Content Types?

The core SEO concepts remain the same across websites, but tactics do vary based on:

  • CMS Platforms – WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.
  • Site Types – Ecommerce, local biz, news, blogs, etc.
  • Page Types – Home, product, landing, blog post, etc.
  • Content Formats – Text, video, images, local listings

So while SEO fundamentals stay consistent, I adapt my technical optimization, content recommendations, and linking strategy based on your unique platform, content types and overall goals.

My services cover SEO for all major platforms and site types.

What are Your Top SEO Tips and Best Practices?

Some best practices I recommend websites implement:

  • Create content optimized around keywords people search for
  • Improve page speed – compress images, efficient hosting, minimal code
  • Make navigation intuitive for visitors and search bots
  • Update website architecture for modern, search-friendly design
  • Build quality backlinks via guest posting, resource contribution
  • Be active on social – profiles, sharing, engagement
  • Monitor analytics for traffic sources, conversion performance
  • Update online listings like Google My Business, directories

Adhering to SEO fundamentals like these will improve search visibility and visitor experience. Happy to advise and help implement any relevant to your site!

What is your experience optimizing websites?

With over 10 years focused solely on SEO, I’ve worked with hundreds of websites across diverse industries and platforms. My versatile expertise includes:

  • Optimizing WordPress sites – Configuring SEO-friendly themes and plugins, optimizing pages and posts, improving site speed.
  • Shopify ecommerce SEO – Maximizing product and category page optimization, optimizing blogs built into Shopify sites.
  • Squarespace optimization – Tapping into built-in SEO features, plus customization as needed.
  • Wix SEO – Modifying templates for improved SEO, building optimized landing pages.
  • Joomla, Drupal, Magento – Leveraging built-in SEO functionality, installing SEO extensions.
  • Unique platforms – Developing custom optimization strategies as needed.

Regardless of your site’s CMS or architecture, I’ve likely worked with similar sites and can recommend proven solutions tailored to your platform.

How do you optimize different types of pages and content formats?

A strategic approach to optimizing various page types and content is crucial for SEO success. Here is how I would typically approach key pages:

  • Homepage – Incorporate keywords in headings and title, clearly convey your value proposition, use quality hierarchy for better bot crawling.
  • Blog – Optimize meta data on blog posts, use strategic H2/H3 headings, publish new keyword-focused articles.
  • Product pages – Craft compelling titles and descriptions, include comparison tables, target informational buyer keywords.
  • Category pages – Refine site architecture with descriptive category names, use subcategories to drill down.
  • Location pages – Claim and update listings like Google My Business, add optimized local landing pages.
  • Videos – Create transcripts, strategically embed videos onsite, optimize YouTube channels.
  • Images – Use descriptive filenames and alt text, seamlessly integrate visual assets into posts.

The overarching goal is crafting a positive experience for users and search bots across all pages types.

What are some proven strategies for building links through content?

Here are some of my favorite tactics for earning high quality backlinks through content:

  • Reach out to secure guest posts on relevant, reputable sites related to your industry. Provide value through your contributed articles that include links back to your site.
  • Create shareable visual assets like infographics, charts, and photos that industry influencers and publications can share with attribution.
  • Develop in-depth reports, ebooks, calculators and other “lead magnets” site visitors can download in exchange for social shares.
  • Build viral quizzes, assessments and interactive tools that publishers will happily embed on their sites.
  • Claim and fully optimize listings and profiles that link back to your site like Yelp, Wikipedia, relevant directories.
  • Produce podcasts, webinars, videos that other sites will discuss and embed.
  • Provide expert answers on forums and Q&A sites that link to your knowledge and offerings.

The key is consistently providing unique, useful content that makes you a valued resource so that earning links occurs organically.

What are some tips for successful link building outreach?

Effective link building outreach ultimately comes down to:

  • Researching relevant sites and pages already linking to competitors – identify partnership and guest post opportunities.
  • Taking the time to personalize pitches instead of mass emailing – study sites and tailor your ask.
  • Being persistent and following up – don’t give up after one attempt. Nurture relationships over time.
  • Providing true value – give site owners something useful like guest posts, research, images. Make linking to you beneficial.
  • Positioning yourself as an industry leader – offer advice they find valuable, offer to consult further.
  • Building ongoing relationships – get to know writers, webmasters, influencers as collaborators.

What SEO metrics and analytics do you track?

Properly tracking key SEO metrics allows me to optimize campaigns and demonstrate concrete results. I monitor essentials like:

  • Organic traffic growth – Sessions, keyword breakdowns, location, pages visited
  • Ranking progress for target keywords – Movement, top ranking pages/posts
  • Conversions from organic – Form fills, purchases, calls completed
  • Backlinks obtained – Referral traffic, link equity passed
  • Traffic by channel – Direct, social, email, referral sources
  • Page optimization – Speed, bounce rates, time on page
  • Mobile vs desktop – Performance on each device type

These provide data-driven insights into overall SEO campaign performance and website health. I’ll help implement all needed tracking and deliver easy-to-understand reporting.

How do you handle SEO for international or multilingual sites?

Reaching users globally introduces some unique considerations:

  • Research keywords in each target language using country-specific planning tools
  • Create localized versions of pages/content optimized for different regions
  • Select the right TLD extension for locales – .es, .cn, etc.
  • Adjust linking building strategies based on locality
  • Optimize for local search habits and engines like Yandex
  • Earn locality-relevant links and citations like foreign chambers of commerce
  • Track analytics by source to gauge engagement by market

However, many core SEO best practices remain universal across geographies. I have experience localizing optimization for international audiences and languages.

What are important SEO considerations for mobile optimization?

With mobile accounting for over half of all searches, optimizing for mobile users is crucial:

  • Leverage responsive design for adaptive sites on all devices
  • Implement AMP for dramatically faster page loads
  • Reduce page weight through image compression, efficient code
  • Tailor content length for quick consumption on smaller screens
  • Ensure buttons/CTAs are tap-friendly
  • Optimize for voice search on smart devices
  • Add click-to-call buttons to make contacting easy
  • Include rich snippet markup like reviews and phone number

I also closely monitor analytics to compare engagement and conversions for mobile vs desktop visitors. Let me know if you need any help implementing mobile best practices!

What are some examples of SEO success you’ve achieved?

Here are a few representative examples of the SEO success I’ve helped clients achieve:

  • Increased organic traffic 2X within 6 months for a small ecommerce retailer selling kitchen appliances and cookware. We expanded their content strategy, earned press mentions, and fixed on-page issues.
  • Helped a nonprofit organization focused on literacy improve organic conversions by 400% by optimizing their donation process and creating targeted landing pages. This resulted in a dramatic increase in donations.
  • Worked with a bootstrapped SaaS startup to increase their organic signups 20% month-over-month through technical SEO fixes, outreach, and investing in blog content. This enabled them to reduce paid acquisition costs.
  • Assisted a digital marketing agency break into the first page for 10 high-value service keywords, resulting in a steady stream of qualified organic leads.

Here are some original ways I stay up to date on the latest SEO trends and maintain skills:

  • Read widely – I subscribe to SEO blogs, publications and forums to stay in the loop on algorithm updates, new tactics. Moz and Search Engine Journal are two of my go-tos.
  • Listen to podcasts – SEO-focused shows like Search Engine Nerds, Perficient Digital and Marketing O’Clock are in my regular rotation.
  • Join communities – I’m a member of several SEO groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit to exchange ideas.
  • Test new tools – I routinely demo new software and tools to see if they give an edge over my existing setup.
  • Run experiments – I use my own sites and client projects to validate new techniques I come across.
  • Attend virtual events – I’ll often sign up for webinars and summits from leaders unveiling new methods.
  • Follow experts – I have Google alerts set up for key thought leaders and their latest findings.
  • Learn by doing – Taking on new client verticals/challenges expands my skills.
  • Take online courses – Structured learning helps strengthen weak areas.
  • Apply latest guidelines – I read Google’s algorithm update announcements closely.

Staying immersed as both a practitioner and lifelong student ensures I leverage the most cutting-edge SEO knowledge.

In terms of qualifications, in addition to 10+ years specialized SEO experience, I have:

  • Data analysis abilities – I’m comfortable with Excel, Google Data Studio, Tableau and leveraging analytics.
  • Technical expertise – I can diagnose site issues, implement code fixes comfortably.
  • Keyword research and topic modeling skills – Finding the right search targets is critical.
  • Content optimization skills – I’m an adept writer and editor for creating human-friendly, keyword-optimized pages.
  • Testing abilities – I routinely A/B test elements like titles, descriptions, page layouts.
  • Analytical thinking – Creatively identifying new opportunities and connections is key.
  • Project management experience – I’ve handled large enterprise SEO initiatives and strategies.
  • Relentless focus on proven, white hat tactics that follow best practices and deliver ROI. No shady shortcuts.

What is your process for conducting SEO audits?

My SEO audit process typically involves:

  • Crawling the site to uncover technical issues like broken links, duplicate content, etc. I use tools like Screaming Frog for this.
  • Analyzing page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights and identifying optimization opportunities.
  • Assessing keyword targeting including gaps, misaligned pages, opportunities for new topics.
  • Evaluating usability and site architecture for enhancements.
  • Checking social media and local listing accuracy and consistency.
  • Using tools like Surfer SEO and Moz for on-page analysis and recommendations.
  • Examining analytics for site traffic sources, conversions, and other insights.
  • Competitive analysis to compare against rankings/backlinks of rivals.
  • Providing a prioritized list of next steps recommendations based on opportunities discovered.

The audit establishes a benchmark and roadmap for improvement. I work with you to determine the audit scope based on your needs and goals.

What specific SEO strategies can you use to boost my rankings?

I utilize a customized blend of keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, technical SEO, local SEO and conversion rate optimization. My holistic approach identifies new opportunities to improve search visibility.

How do you monitor and track SEO campaign performance?

I provide monthly reports with ranking progress, organic traffic growth, lead generation and ROI tracking so we can refine the SEO campaign over time. Clear analytics are key.

What industries have you handled SEO campaigns for as a freelancer?

My freelance SEO experience spans ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare, legal, home services, financial services, and more. I tailor my optimization strategies based on your niche.

What differentiates your freelance SEO services from other providers?

  1. My hands-on approach, niche experience, ethical techniques, communication style and proven ROI set me apart. Many freelancers overpromise – I focus on driving real measurable results.

Can you help me fix any technical issues on my site hurting SEO?

Absolutely, my technical SEO audits identify any website errors, speed/mobile optimization problems, accessibility issues and more that need addressing to boost rankings.

Is your freelance SEO service affordable for my startup budget?

Yes, I offer flexible SEO packages tailored to fit different budgets without sacrificing results. I also provide a la carte options like content creation and link building.

Do you focus on long-term white hat SEO strategies over risky shortcuts?

White hat SEO is the only path I follow to build sustainable results and avoid penalties. I never take unethical shortcuts that put your site at risk.

How can SEO complement my existing digital marketing as a small business?

SEO can integrate seamlessly with paid ads, email, social media and content marketing efforts. I help round out your digital strategy with organic search optimization.

How quickly can I expect to see results from freelance SEO efforts?

It varies based on where you’re starting from, but most clients see a tangible increase in rankings, traffic and leads within the first 3-6 months. Ongoing optimization then builds on that growth.

Will you be handling all the SEO work yourself as the freelancer?

Absolutely, I don’t outsource your work whatsoever. I personally manage every aspect of SEO campaigns—that’s the only way to ensure quality results.

What core SEO services do you offer as part of your freelancing?

My core services include keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, backlink building, technical SEO audits, local SEO optimization, and conversion rate optimization.

How can you help improve my website’s user experience?

During my technical audit, I identify UX issues impacting conversions like page speed, navigation, broken links, accessibility problems and more. I provide fixes to optimize user experience.

Do you have experience optimizing SEO for ecommerce websites?

Yes, ecommerce sites are one of my specialties! My product keyword research, site mapping and tagging can really ramp up product visibility and organic revenue.

What reporting and insights will you provide each month?

My monthly reports contain rankings progress, search traffic analytics, lead tracking, competitor benchmarking, top performing content, keyword insights and an updated action plan.

Will SEO help me attract more qualified leads?

Absolutely – SEO drives targeted, organic traffic that converts much better than broad paid ads. You get visitors actually searching for your products or services.

What happens if my site gets penalized during our campaign?

Don’t worry – I am meticulous about following Google’s guidelines to prevent penalties in the first place. If one should occur, I’ll work to get it removed ASAP.